Google Analytics WordPress guide

Google analytics is used to analyze many things related to the blogs and site. Now it becomes easy to assess the site related statistics by installing this plugin. Here, you will find Google Analytics WordPress guide to install in for your WordPress site. It brings information regarding your site’s viewers and their preferences for the site’s area like when they open the site and which part of the site they like to read and what type of blogs they prefer to read and share. Moreover, it also shows time and duration when users open the site and for what time they stay on that page. In short, it is a tracker that collects all that information and displays in the form of graphs. You can analyze the importance of your site for the audience by using this awesome plugin that is easy to use and easy to install.

Google Analytical Installation Guide:

Google Analytics WordPress guide help bloggers and developers to know about the stats of their sites either it is going well or has any issue regarding its popularity by knowing the stats of visitors. In this guide you will find ways to install the plugin for your WordPress.

Sign up to Analytical Account:

Before starting the process of installation, you should make Google Analytical account for your site that is simple just follow the instructions given below:

·         If you already have your Gmail account, then open it to go to the sign up page of Google analytics.

·         There you will have option to sign up for analytical account that will ask you information about your site like URL, name of your account, the country and time zone. Fill all these require boxes then press the button to continue.

·         It will ask you next information about yourself after doing this it will allot a code to you for your site that you have to paste into your site. This will take you towards the analytical page by putting it into the HTML editor and you will be successful to make an analytical account.

Installation Procedure:

To install the analytical plugin, Google Analytics WordPress guide describes three ways that can be used to gain this purpose.

Direct Paste Way:

You can use the receiving code by pasting it into the footer.php of your site’s theme that is placed right above the tag of .

Plugins Way:

You can use a simple plugin where you have to paste that code; it can be header and footer.

Functions.php Way:

To use this way you have to paste the Google Analytical code into the themes of functions.php and installation process will complete soon. Once it completes its process then go back to the first page there you can view the stats of your site and it will facilitate users in different ways as mentioned above.

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